• Q&A

    What should I wear? As with any medical examination, you will probably be asked to undress to your underwear, so please wear something you are comfortable in. Can I bring a friend or relative? Yes – if you wish, you can have someone present throughout your consultation and treatment. Does it hurt? Some soft tissue… [Continue Reading]

  • Conditions Treated

    My aim is to help you back to health as easily as possible. I am concerned with overall health and the cause of the problem rather then just the symptoms. The most common conditions I treat are: Back and neck pain Shoulder and arm problems Pelvis, hip, foot and leg problems Sports and other injuries… [Continue Reading]

    Conditions Treated
  • About Suzanne

    About Suzanne Suzanne is motivated by a compassion for herself and others and a desire to enable people to live as full a life as possible. Osteopathy’s holistic philosophy, where each patients is considered unique and it’s recognised that health and vitality are also influenced by social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and environmental factors, resonates strongly with her.… [Continue Reading]

    About Suzanne
  • What is Osteopathy?

    What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a recognised primary healthcare system of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musclo-skeletal problems. It is used worldwide to compliment mainstream or alternative medicine for patients with problems of the spine, peripheral joints, ligaments or muscles. Osteopathy is a natural medicine that approaches patients holistically. An osteopath will consider a patient’s lifestyle, medical… [Continue Reading]

    What is Osteopathy?