Philosophy & Approach

Suzanne is motivated by a compassion for herself and others and a desire to enable people to live as full a life as possible. Osteopathy’s holistic philosophy, where each patients is considered unique and it’s recognised that health and vitality are also influenced by social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and environmental factors, resonates strongly with her.

Suzanne has a gentle structural approach and believes in patient education and empowerment towards their own health. She has regularly meditated for over 10 years and practices Qi Gong. She has always had a deep interest in stress and anxiety relief, from the calming and healing affects of nature, to the positive psychological benefits of physical exercise and laughter.

Training and Education

Suzanne maintains a high degree of interest in science, initially training in bio-medical physics. She was drawn to osteopathy as a career where she could show empathy and care to individuals and provide holistic health solutions within a scientific framework. Suzanne trained for 5 years, working in Europe’s largest osteopathic clinic  and received a Master of Osteopathy from the B.S.O., the UK’s oldest osteopathic school. She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a member of the British Osteopathic Association.