Cherries Help Decrease Gout Attacks

Eating 10-12 cherries a day can keep gout attacks at bay. According to research last year, participants reported a reduction of 35% in their attacks and when taken with the gout reducing drug allopurinol an overall reduction of 75% was reported.

Gout is a painful condition causing inflammation from a build up of uric acid crystals around joints in the body. Often experienced in the big toe it can affect 1 in every 100 people and it is seen most in men.

“It has been suggested that antioxidant compounds found in cherries may be natural inhibitors of enzymes which are targeted by common anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen” says Alan Silman, professor and medical director of Arthritis Research UK.

“Eating cherries, in fact, is not dissimilar to taking ibuprofen on a daily basis. However, we’d like to see additional clinical trials to further investigate and provide confirmation of this effect,” he adds.